Exercise Counseling
If you are new to Sunflower Wellness, please read on to learn more about Exercise Counseling, and click HERE to find out more about our programs and how to get involved.

If you are an existing Sunflower Wellness Rx Empower member and would like to get Exercise Counseling, click HERE to schedule your session.

What is Exercise Counseling?
Exercise Counseling is an opportunity for you to meet one of our cancer exercise specialists, who will work with you to create a custom-designed exercise program. Exercise Counseling services provided by Sunflower Wellness help to establish the foundation of your individual exercise program as you live with and recover from cancer. Some of the issues that we consider in each person's exercise plan include recommendations for weight loss or gain, fatigue issues, range of motion concerns, and bone density.

During an Exercise Counseling session you will discuss the following kinds of information with the counselor:
  • Your health history, including family health
  • Your cancer diagnosis and treatments
  • Current health concerns and issues including physician recommendations
  • Your background in exercise and movement
  • Your current goals for exercise
  • Your resources for exercising, such as a gym membership
  • Your living and working locations
  • Any limitations or restrictions for exercising
What happens after my Exercise Counseling session?
For most, this means beginning a routine of regular walking, aerobic exercise, weight (or resistance) training, yoga, Pilates, swimming, or rowing. Your program might consist of individual and/or class exercise at a gym or health club. Your program could involve exercise in the privacy of your home, even movement in bed! Whatever location works best for you is where we try to design a program that feels good and that you can stick with. We also try to contact you within 30 days after your Exercise Counseling session to see if you've been able to start or continue exercising, and to offer encouragement.

Why Exercise Counseling?
Exercise is extremely important for helping you move through and beyond chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other common treatments for cancer. It is especially helpful for reducing stress and fatigue, for building up strength and overall fitness and well-being. Click HERE for more details on the benefits of exercise.

Where is Exercise Counseling available?
Exercise counseling sessions for people living with cancer are available in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area and by phone or online via Skype for people in other locations. You will choose your location during the sign-up process. Currently, our partner clinics include:
  • Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland
  • Marin Health – Marin Cancer Center
  • Shanti – Margo Murphy Women’s Cancer Program – San Francisco
  • The Stanford Redwood Shores Cancer Center
  • The Stanford Palo Alto Cancer Center
  • The Stanford South Bay Cancer Center
  • The UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center and the Mission Bay Campus
  • All other Bay Area locations via phone, Skype, or in person with Sunflower Wellness

  • How Much Does it Cost?
    Exercise Counseling Sessions are available, in person and at no charge, for patients in active treatment at any of our medical partner locations above.

    For those who are not patients of our medical partners above, two (2) Exercise Counseling Sessions are available at no charge to Sunflower Wellness Rx Empower Members each year.

    To purchase a Sunflower Wellness Rx Empower Membership OR purchase an Exercise Counseling Session package, please click HERE.

    Contact us!
    Do you have questions or just need help? Make your request HERE or call 415-234-7010 option 1.

    Our Expertise with Exercise Counseling
    Our Exercise Counselors are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) with a Cancer Exercise Trainer (CET) certification. This special designation gives us the skills to adapt many forms of exercise to meet the needs of people living with cancer. Click HERE for more information about our exercise counselors.

    With Gratitude
    Sunflower Wellness gratefully acknowledges the Val A. Browning Foundation for its generous support of our programs to provide Exercise Counseling sessions to clients living in underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also thank To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation for supporting the Exercise Counseling service for Marin County breast cancer patients and clients in 2014 - 2020.

    To schedule an Exercise Counseling session, please click HERE.
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